Day 3 began with a much needed quiet lunch at Chez Nous. I had the place all to myself & took my time sipping on a Kronenbourg with a spinach & mushroom crepe. It was alright, but the peace & quietness of the restaurant was perfect.

The day followed up with a stop to Flatstock at the Austin Convention Center. Talk about a mind explosion. There were so many well illustrated/designed prints. Makes me want to do some more printing. I left in the end with 2 posters, which I must say is really good.

I walked over to Valhalla to check out Clock Opera & ran back over to Fader Fort for Odd Future. The venue was so packed & the show was wild. I even spotted Aziz!

With the heat & all the running, it was time to head back to the hotel to recharge my phone as well as myself. I grabbed a spamwich with egg at Which Wich for dinner. There was an overwhelming selection of sandwiches. For whatever reason, I felt like trying out the mystery of all mystery meats. It did the job.

I ran over around the corner to Malverde for Quadron. Coco is really amazing live. The rest of the night was a blur of running around from venue to venue. I was pushing myself to the extreme with the mindset that this type of thing doesn’t come around often. I was too tired at this point to take any pictures (apologies), but I did get a chance to see Games which was pretty great at Klub Krucial, Nosajthing & round 1 of Jamie XX.

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