If there was really anything I needed to try during this trip, it would be BBQ! Rudy’s Country Store & Bar-B-Q is definitely the way to go. If you’re a “rookie” they ask you where you’re from & everyone says “ayyyyyyy”, like the Fonz. I got the the extra moist brisket. They give you tons of sliced bread (Iron Kids style). The sides were all really tasty. I tried spicy beans, potato salad & cream of corn (their specialty). I was too full for dessert. Lone Star was the local beer & beverage of choice. I recall hearing a song “God is good, beer is great & people are crazy” playing on the radio. Word to your mother. I’ve eaten so much meat during this trip, I’m ready for vegetables again. So it’s quite possible I’ll go vegetarian for the rest of the trip.

It took a bit of time & hassle, but I was able to to get into the Central Presbyterian Church to see Glasser. Cameron Mesirow’s voice is amazing & perfect for the church. So crisp & clear. The rules for the church was no cursing (for the artists) & no booze (for the patrons). Grabbed a few drinks at the Driskill again & ended up roaming around for a bit. I got to see Extra Classic who was recommended by a buddy of mine. I thoroughly enjoyed the music. The night ended with a gnarly looking dirty dog (so much for going veggie). I had a random conversation with some guy while waiting. He asked me if it was suicide to eat the hot dog. During our conversation on other things, he dropped the dog on the floor by accident, picked it up & ate it. He answered the question for himself. Pretty interesting closing for the night.


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boom. first pic just got ffffounded.

Law added these pithy words on Mar 18 11 at 11:29 am

oh man!!!! <3

Vy added these pithy words on Mar 18 11 at 12:11 pm

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