This past Saturday, I had taken Champagne Calligraphy 101 taught by, Bianca Mascorro (pictured left) who is the mastermind behind Little Miss Press. This was organized by Jessica Dixon (pictured right), co-founder of Fullosophie which has lots of fun workshops for anyone who wants to learn a new skill.

It was my first time using a calligraphy pen with a nib. Right when were able to dip into the ink, was it such a an amazing experience to put it on paper. I found myself smiling and taking it all in, learning from the previous letter form to improve the next. There is something quite meditative about calligraphy. On my most stressful days at work, I’m thinking about whipping out the pen to practice letterforms to calm my mind.

In other news, I’ve been working on the “ultimate” porridge this past year, chasing that white whale of a recipe. Each version of it always seems to taste different. It’s been pretty fun and interesting experimenting with various techniques and ingredients. This morning my roommate had asked what kind of porridge I was making, whether it was Vietnamese or Chinese and I replied “I don’t know, it’s a ‘Vy’ version.” I thought about the evolution of the recipe and how once I am completely satisfied with the results can I confidently call it a ‘Vy’ version. As my friend would say, “it’s not a soup and it’s not a solid. What is it?”

It’s porridge.

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