I enjoyed an article written by David Chang. To sum it up, nay on the turkey, yay for family traditions. I did happen to read this after I had already completed my turkey quest, but lucky for me, I was able to join in on someone else’s non-turkey meal.

Every Thanksgiving, Kim’s family eats this delicious crunchy Vietnamese crepe called bánh xèo for breakfast. The crepe is actually just flour and turmeric mixed with water, coconut milk and sometimes beer. Their fillings consist of bacon, pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and cucumber. Once fried, we drizzle our plates with peanut sauce, a squeeze of their most fragrant meyer lemon and if we saw fit, some chili for that spicy kick. Lastly, we top it off with fresh greens to balance out that fried goodness.

My family likes to keep it pretty classic during Thanksgiving. What you see below is the first turkey I’ve ever cooked! Many thanks to Kim for helping me brine this the night before.

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