Last weekend, Chris and I Hank’ed it (for Breaking Bad fans) and attended the San Francisco Gem Show held at the San Francisco County Building.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since it was my first show. Upon walking in, there were display cases full of the finest gems, but we decided to look at that last. First, we must browse around at the tables selling minerals so that we don’t miss out on the good stuff. Casino style, I set a cap on my expenditure. They surprisingly served wine at this event. Heck, why not? We each got a wine-shaped plastic cup and were on our merry way.

We went behind and under tables, sifting through all these boxes. I liked that there were labels with locations, some tables even had their their scientific makeup. Each box was a new discovery into a different part of the world. I happened to come across this piece that I thought Di and her fellow Fresnonians would be into. It’s tiny and is actually from Germany instead of Fresno, CA.

Leave it to me to be drawn to pieces that remind me of food. These look like cookies or some kind of dessert with sprinkles on it. The colors on the specks are so vibrant. I’m like a child, amazed at nature’s creations.

For those who really know me, there should be no surprise that I am interested in the metaphysical properties of stones. I jokingly said that this one below was Slimer’s poop. Malachite “balances mood swings and heals cramps.” How did I manage to pass up such a prize that would be beneficial to my lady needs?

These are some other goodies for everyone to ooh and ahh at. I can see this hobby being dangerous for me.

I left with only 3 pieces, one of which will now be used as a calcite lens. I didn’t capture a post worthy shot from my own camera, but Chris managed to get one from his.

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