Chris & I decided to go on a road trip for Labor Day weekend. The goal was to explore unfamiliar territories. Thank goodness for my little sister for lending me her car. As a precautionary measure, we packed the car with a tent & 2 sleeping bags. Initially, South Lake Tahoe was our destination, but on a whim we decided Reno would be the first stop.

We parked at the Silver Legacy Resort Casino & treated ourselves to some steak at Sterling’s Seafood Steakhouse. In pursuit of new experiences, we ordered escargot as a starter. The verdict? The texture was chewy & the flavor was essentially buttered grass. Maybe it just wasn’t the best example for a first time. The portions of the steak was plentiful & tasty enough.

After dinner, it was time to gamble. I’m not much of a gambler & this was apparent when the dealer was frustrated with my lack of knowledge with black jack. Roulette was exciting. I just placed chips all across the board. Oddly enough the penny slots used more money than the quarter machines. The house won that night, but we were smart enough to set a dollar limit & did not spend beyond that.

We finished our dopamine overload at 3am & with all the rooms being booked, we opted to have our first sleepover in the car on the roof of the parking structure. We woke up really early with a view of the Circus Circus hotel. Reno in the morning feels entirely different from Reno in the evening. Time seemed to have stopped somewhere in the ’50s with their space inspired signage & dome structures scattered throughout the city. We found three domes.

We decided to grab a cup of Joe at The Hub Coffee which happened to be serving beans from Four Barrel Coffee for that week. We did get a chance to check out the suburbs of Reno. Each resident gets a giant douglas fir (or at least I think they’re douglas firs) on their yard.

Afterwards, we headed to the “only accredited art museum of Nevada,” The Nevada Museum of Art. We really liked the library space within the museum that housed a nice collection books for us to rummage through. I suppose any space full of interesting books is always a plus.

Next stop, Carson City, NV.

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