This summer, my cousin & I planned what was pretty much a day trip to Vichy Springs in Ukiah for some hiking & carbonated mineral baths. We decided to make our own lunch. Tofurkey sandwiches with cherry tomatoes & apple slices on the side. No meal is complete without a sixer of Shock Top beers (I suppose that’s just my opinion of a complete meal).

After lunch we proceeded to go on a hike to the waterfall. There were showers on & off that day so raincoats were worn. We hit a snafu along the way & with the stream water rising, we were unable to cross to reach our waterfall destination. So we hiked on another path to the dam (shown below). I’m not sure if this is the official dam, but we followed the signs & the path ended at this stick pile. I thought a dam was supposed to intercept the water. Maybe the water is lower over here this summer or maybe this is the one bedroom apartment version of a dam. In any case, I did touch a lizard & the eye of a banana slug (because I’m a jerk) along the way. The rain started to pour, so we headed back.

After our hike, it was time to finish our leftovers, have some wine & off to the baths we go. It was like dipping into a bottle of champagne with all the fizziness & bubbles popping on our skin. According to their website, Vichy water is good for circulatory problems, stomach acidity, as well as bruises & cuts. The water was luke warm, but with their hot tub nearby, any chills could be remedied. Hanging out in the dark in a hot tub with a bit of rain is pretty great. We even managed a bit of synchronized swimming while humming the underwater song from Super Mario Bros 3.

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